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Greenfield Tech enables real-time voice and video communications through customized software and network solutions for mobile and the Web


Our mission is to create innovative and cost effective technology solutions, enhancing your business offering, while keeping in mind that your profitability comes first. We believe that each customer is different, and what fits one customer will usually not fit another - thus, each of our solutions is custom tailored according to our customer's needs.


Our work methodology is based upon careful analysis of your requirements and needs. Before actual development is started, a complete analysis of your requirements and needs is performed, verifying that your requirements and targets can be met in an economical manner. We don't believe in endless projects, each project has a defined start point and end point.


We strive to supply a service based upon high integrity, which means that sometimes, you won't like the answers we'll give you regarding your ideas/requirements/needs. We believe that your success is our success, and we would prefer not to take a specific project, rather than taking on a project which is a complete sham.